2019 Reading Challenge

In 2018, I read 71 books. My goal in 2019 is to read 72 books.

Books Read in 2019

  1. Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee (Adult Science Fiction) Highly Recommend. Overwhelmingly immersive.
  2. Raven Strategem by Yoon Ha Lee (Adult Science Fiction) Highly Recommend. An impressive sequel to Ninefox Gambit.
  3. The Wicked King by Holly Black (YA Fantasy) Recommend. Impressively written. Holly Black is a master of tension and conflict.
  4. Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee (Adult Science Fiction) Recommend. A slightly rushed but fitting ending to the series.
  5. Band Sinister by KJ Charles (Adult Regency) Recommend. Utterly delightful.
  6. Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting Dynamic Characters and Effective Viewpoints (Write Great Fiction) by Nancy Cress (Craft Book).
  7. A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole (Adult Romance) Recommend. Delightful. Would love this to be a movie. My husband would cry.
  8. The Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan (YA Fantasy)
  9. The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maas (Craft Book).
  10. The Affair of the Mysterious Letter by Alexis Hall (Adult Sherlockian) Recommend for fans of Sherlock Holmes and Fallen London.
  11. Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young (YA Science Fiction).
  12. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi (YA Fantasy).
  13. Currently Reading: All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis (YA Science Fiction) and Afterward by E.K. Johnston (YA Fantasy).